Antonio Martino, born in Salerno, Roman by adoption, began his training in the Capital at the age of only 14 years. After graduation, he studied as a modeller at the Ida Ferri Fashion School. Start working right away. For two years he was a Manager for the high fashion sector of "Quadrondo", a service that creates patterns for large fashion houses. And, still very young, he made a significant experiences with Gattinoni and for the Roccobarocco jeans line. In July of 2008 was born the ” Antonio Martino Couture” Brand-symbol of elegance and excellence made in Italy. An unmistakable style, the expression of an unconventional luxury that manifests itself in shirts, shoulder garments, day dresses, cocktails and evenings. Innovative and sexy design, precious fabrics, precious applications and sartorial care are the mood that has always accompanied the designer. 2012 is an important year for Martino when he becomes sole owner of the brand that bears his name. The success arrives in 2013, when the designer dresses Simona Molinari, in competition at the Sanremo Festival. Thanks to the total look designed to her by Antonio Martino, the jazz singer was elected the Queen of style and elegance by press. He began various collaborations with different fashion houses. After that one he began various collaborations with different fashion houses, not just Italian. In fact, it shows off in the United Arab Emirates in Ryadh, in Bratislava, Vienna, Warsaw. In 2016,by Antonio Martino and Emilia Scaccia was created “ Spazio 2.0”: a multifunctional space that combines the atelier ,where the collections of the two designers are exhibited, and also become a workshop where creations of high fashion are seen. Martino not only creates beautiful clothes but, since the age of 23, he dedicated part of his teaching activities, working as a teacher for prestigious training schools, such as: Academy of Costume and Fashion, Ida Ferri Fashion School, Accademia Altieri and the Accademia del Lusso, where he still works.